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Writing about writing

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I've been on the web since 1994. My first email address was with The first browser I used was Netscape Navigator.

I've periodically kept a blog, and while I enjoy writing, I find it difficult, and I find it time intensive.

### withknown is dead, like totally
The harder problem is that I seem to have a knack for picking really bad publishing platforms. To give you a hint: I've written posts on Yahoo 360, Posterous, and I had a account, for goodness sake, complete with goofy cool internet-handle – it was all the rage.

For the lay-reader: all of these are now dead, or at least, in decline or about to be dead. All of that content, all of those words – now gone. Not to mention the various versions of business cards that had incarnations of 'my blog' printed on real dead trees – *poor* dead trees.

For the last few years, however, my primary web presence has been on twitter. I have more than 10,000 tweets, which my various friends and family have described as too technical or too cryptic.

### twitter isn't
I was a relative late comer to twitter. There were various reasons why I waited, and once I'd joined it took about 6 months to go from first post to second. But I really hit my stride when I heard twitter described as 'micro-blogging'.

So, that's how I use it: as a web-log with tiny posts. At times, it's an information radiator, but at other times, it's just a journal, with one intended reader – me, from the future.

But lately, I've been having more long-form thoughts that I want to write about. I've tried tweet-storms, but find the process of writing them too *encumbered* by the character limit.

### Is this thing even on?
So: this is me trying something new. I think I've solved the stuff going away problem by using an instance of and my own domain.

The harder problem is more internal to me: the writing itself. So the 'something new' is to trick myself into writing more by calling it 'milli-blogging'. Keen observers of SI units of measure will observe that milli-blogging should be a thousand times longer than micro-blogging, but pedants gonna ped.

This concludes [first post](